Welcome to the SilviaTerra biometrics blog

Brian Clough · 2019/01/01 · 1 minute read

We are the biometrics group at SilviaTerra. Our company is focused on delivering high quality, high resolution information on the status and future trends of forests, and we provide the analytics to support those goals. Our tools and data products help landowners, NGOs, government agencies, and companies make better decisions about their forest resources.

We’re launching this blog because we want to share some of the ways in which open source platforms such as R, Stan, GRASS, and more help us work better for our clients. Our goal is to boost recognition and adoption of the open source toolkit within forestry. We also aim to introduce a wider audience to how our industry is being revolutionized by modern data science. Expect lots of #rstats content, but also posts on a variety of other topics including open source GIS, building reproducible workflows across platforms, and tips for setting up a development environment.

We hope you enjoy and check back regularly, as we’ll be publishing on a monthly basis.

If you have any questions or comments, reach out and let us know what you think!